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Happy 30th Anniversary Macintosh

Apple is celebrating 30 Years of the Macintosh today. They’ve put up a website celebrating it.

My first Macintosh that I owned was an iBook G4. At the time I was mostly a Linux user, waiting patiently for Linux on the Desktop to take off. I had bought a $400 used ASUS laptop from a guy in our Linux User’s Group at the time and the screen had just died and was going to cost almost $400 to replace. So on a whim while I was in Texas visiting relatives I went to a Fry’s Electronics and after looking at the PC laptops and the iBooks, I decided to get a 12″ iBook G4. Suddenly I realized I could have an excellent desktop OS with with my old Unix bash shell and utilities underneath. A couple of years later when it came time to replace my aging Linux tower computer, I opted for the first Intel 24″ iMac. I’ve pretty much had Macs ever since.

Using 1Password Anywhere with a USB Key and Safari

After listening to Mac Power Users #173 I decided to repurpose a USB key I had on my keychain into a 1password emergency data store.

There’s only one problem with this. Browsers have recently been locking down “local” file access, so the normal method of opening up the 1password.html file in Safari doesn’t work. You’ll know it doesn’t work when you get this screen

This is happening because Safari can’t read the encryptionKeys.js file from the local disk.

However, this is easily fixed by turning on the Develop menu in Safari

And then checking off “Disable Local File Restrictions” in the Develop menu.


Well done Adobe.

As an Adobe Creative Cloud Subscriber, I’m disappointed in the actual Creative Cloud application on the Mac. However, this feature I found in the Photoshop menu made me smile.

Well done Adobe.. Well done.

Now just fix that abomination that lives in my menubar.

🔗 HDR TV is a technology to watch

This article from CNET Reviews explains Dolby’s new HDR TV Technology they showed off at CES. Forget 4K, this is what we really want. This will make televisions look more like you are looking out a window.